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Are you sick and tired of catching every bug, virus or illness going around? 

“Discover How You Can Instantly Profit From These Super High Quality Chikong  Tactics That Bring Guaranteed Results  within a Week With Full 3 Month coaching sessions - For Super Low Price…”

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Are You Ready to Use Chi Kong to Transform Your Well-being Into The Picture of Perfect Health?


If you suffer from any pain, disease, fatigue or stress Chi Kong is the answer you’ve been searching for. You can use this Chi Kong technique to help heal yourself. It works with your body’s energy – called “Chi” (also spelled “Qi”).

“In the United States alone, more than 100,000 people die from the flu and its complications every year.”

—National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

“Antibiotics are ineffective against viral and fungal infections.”

—Merck Manual of Medical Information


Here’s how to stop having a welcome mat to your annoying health problems and help put an end to:

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseStuffy nose

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseHacking cough

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseSleepless nights

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseInflammation

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseColds and flu

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseAllergies

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseAches and pains

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseSkin outbreaks

bullet Chikong Online Video CourseLaw energy


The ancient Chinese secret to promote a powerful immune system is now available!

How does it work?

Our body has got energetic channels called meridians through which this life energy flows. When your “Chi” energy isn’t flowing freely, you get stressed, depressed or even sick. Health problems, disease, pain, and negative emotional conditions are symptoms of blocked energy.

While practicing Chi Kong this Chi energy gently and thoroughly releases nearly all energy blocks and eliminates most causes of illness and imbalance. It is extremely powerful, yet at the same time practicing it is surprisingly simple and easy to do.

As medical doctor and author Richard Gerber puts it, “…by moving Chi through the body, you can heal yourself of many ailments.”

In a PBS documentary, Dr. Wang Chong Xing from the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension said that after 30 years of study, “We think Chi Kong can cure every kind of disease, some responding better than others.”

Here’s a shocker for you:

bacteria2 300x225 Chikong Online Video Course

Bugs, germs and viruses don't make you sick!

Bugs, germs and viruses DON’T make you sick!

If they did—NO ONE WOULD BE ALIVE today!

It’s your poorly functioning immune system that drops the ball—and allows these nasty parasites to get a chokehold on you.

The secret to staying healthy is simple: FORTIFY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM—and let it naturally GIVE ANY bug that DARES to come your way a rough deal!

If someone  offered you a magical secret that could bring you health, harmony with yourself and your environment, power to defend yourself, a sense of deep inner peace – all this  for the investment of a few minutes every day – how would you respond?

and  after doing it  for a while, you found that it really did work, what would it be worth to you?


Now you can learn how to do it, too by taking advantage of this step by step video course!


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Zu Chikong Online Video Course “I must tell you Chi Kong is amazing, I went from sleeping six hours a day to sleeping four and e.g. yesterday I went to my part time job, then to meet Nick, then to Royal Opera House and then to work in the hotel – so imagine 20 hours up an hour and I still had energy in the morning when I got home.  Me & Nick are both doing Chi Kong – wow only in two days of exercise I have noticed about 70% increase in energy levels, literary I feel like I am flying – I loved your workshop, it was very professional and you delivered on your promise to the full extent – we are able to do Chi Kong at the comfort of our own homes! I also have this “healing” feeling in my body. It exceeded all my expectations and it was definitely worth it. I now achieve business & real life results easily and effortlessly thanks to the rivers of energy I have. I would not do Chi Kong class with anyone else.”

Zuzanna Jochman London



Chi Kong helped me get over my deepest point in my life

“I started doing Chi Kong when the doctors told me my histological results (cancer).

The results of doing the Chi Kong exercises:

bullet2 Chikong Online Video Course During the chemotherapy I hardly ever felt sick, I coped with it better and better as we moved along the therapy.

bullet2 Chikong Online Video Course I didn’t catch any illness while the members of my family did!

bullet2 Chikong Online Video Course My morale improved while still on chemotherapy.

bullet2 Chikong Online Video Course I had no depression during the winter month.”



Zsuzsanna F, Hungary



Quick Recovery

“I had a broken wrist. The doctors took the plaster off in May and then I attended 4 months of physiotherapy with little results. I couldn’t turn my hand, had constant pain in my wrist, elbow and shoulder. I couldn’t lift my arm. Erzsébet showed me the standing posture telling me that it would help me recover quickly but I didn’t do it. Then I was diagnosed with a “frozen shoulder” and told that it would take me up to two years to heal. I was devastated. That’s when I started doing the Chi Kong posture that Erzsébet taught me. In two weeks time I could move my hand, my shoulder already went into the next phase according to the physiotherapist. My knee problems disappeared. I felt full of energy and cheerful for the first time since my accident. I feel good in my body. Oh, and there and then I was discharged – didn’t have to go to any more therapies!

I highly recommend everybody to learn Chi Kong as it WORKS WONDERS!”

Katalin Balogh, London



Getting Answers To Urgent Questions In Life

Justin Chikong Online Video CourseChi Kong Made Easy is a wonderful course.  You learn how to unlock trapped Chi from your body which is a great benefit because you feel more energetic in your daily life.  However, the great thing about the course is that you not only learn how to release negative energy from your system, you also undergo an amazing process in which you get in touch with your spiritual being. When I went on the course I was unbalanced, not knowing what to do in my life. Already on the course I regained my inner balance and peace and got answers to my burning question of whether to stay in Britain or move back to Australia. I had an amazing time and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is in need of extra energy, healing and spiritual balancing.

Justin Teoh, London


From Total Sceptic To A Devotee

nick vs 150x150 Chikong Online Video CourseI had never heard of Chi Kong before. I went to Erzsébet’s class and I was very sceptical when we started.  After a while, though, I found all the exercises were giving me more and more energy, and I was feeling much better.  The exercises are nice and simple and I do them every morning now.  They only take 5-10 minutes and I feel much less tired and more energetic, less hungry for snacks, and generally much healthier. I lost weight as well. I very much recommend her friendly, straightforward, and incredibly beneficial workshop.


Nick Von Schlippe, London


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Think! – even if you’re taking an antiviral drug like the popular Tamiflu®—some studies report that more than 90% of flu viruses are resistant to Tamiflu®.

In fact, in March 2009 the Baltimore Sun reported:


“More than 98% of one of the influenza A viruses circulating this winter is now resistant to the antiviral drug Tamiflu®, up from less than 1% just two years ago, according to a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association.”

And the Associated Press reported in December 2008 that:

“Early tests indicate that 49 of 50 samples of the main flu virus circulating were resistant to Tamiflu®!”

So when it comes to fighting the common cold and flu—a drug that’s a measly 2% effective just won’t cut it for you! But there’s good news:


You don’t have to worry about bugs, viruses and illnesses when you’ve got a strong immune system!

Your body already contains all the bug-fighting medicines you’ll ever need!


In fact, by the time you were a year old your body developed nearly a trillion different antibiotic and antiviral agents in your bones —ready and waiting to spring into battle to protect you—and most of them are still there, my friend.

With a trillion different antibodies and immune cell warriors ready to battle your bacterial and viral enemies, it’s a wonder that any foreign invader can penetrate your defences and cause you harm!

So why do people get sick?

Our modern lifestyle can literally wear out your immune system! Here are just a few immune robbers…

bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course Poor diet! Many foods are deficient in the nutrients crucial for peak immune function. What’s more the usual foods loaded with sugar, preservatives, refined carbohydrates and processed ingredients weaken your immune system… actually feed bad germs… and create dangerous inflammation throughout your body! And this inflammation can wreak havoc on your immune system and trigger a host of problems including joint pain… heart problems… stiff arteries… blood sugar imbalances… weight problems… and much more!


bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course Environmental pollutants! Every single minute you breathe in, absorb or ingest microscopic toxic particles that are detected as a threat by your immune system. This toxic load puts a huge amount of stress on your natural defence system. What’s more, environmental pollutants can be a breeding ground for bacteria—which can also produce more toxins!


bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course Overuse of antibiotics, prescription drugs and medicines! These can rob nutrients and kill the beneficial flora that is critical to a strong immune system! And most doctors never prescribe beneficial probiotics to help restore healthy intestinal flora!


bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course Stress! Day-to-day stress from a fast-paced modern living triggers your immune system’s “fight or flight” response—creating unnecessary anxiety, fear and nervousness. This causes the release of needless cortisol—a stress hormone—that can lower your immune response! Studies from Harvard University Medical School show that illness is four times more likely to occur after a stressful experience!


bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course Global living and overcrowding! Today, more people are living in cities than anywhere else. This overcrowding means a faster spread of diseases—and creates a serious challenge for your immune system! What’s more, global travelling spreads exotic germs faster than ever—and create a huge burden on your immune system!

Whether you get sick or not depends on a strong immune system…

Chi Kong is a remarkable formula that not only fortifies your immune system for FAST ACTION—but also helps keep it in optimum working order.

Practising Chi Kong is NOT going to kill all the germs, viruses or bugs lurking around – NO

Bacteria, fungi and viruses have been on the Earth since the dawn of time. And the truth is: They don’t make you sick. . If they did NO ONE WOULD BE ALIVE TODAY!


It’s a poorly functioning immune system that allows these invaders to cause you harm. That’s why the ancient system of Chi Kong movements is MUCH BETTER than a temporary remedy or vaccine for the latest strains of flu or other viruses and bacteria!


Chi Kong can fortify and balance your immune system—so your healthy immune system can fight off EVERY bug, virus and germ you come in contact with! No matter where you live or where you travel. In other words, you get round-the-clock protection—24 hours a day, each and every day!


You’re immune system is crying for help if :


bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course You feel frequent energy drain

bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course It takes weeks for a small cut to heal

bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course You catch every “bug” or virus going around

bullet 3 Chikong Online Video Course You often feel stressed


Here’s what you’re getting when you order this simple Chi Kong course:

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course You’re going to be taught the simplest and most powerful techniques to boost your immune system.

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course Your energy channels (meridians) will be opened in your body and the life energy starts reaching all your main organs.

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course Consequently these organs start functioning properly which result in:

- weight loss for those who are overweigh

- weight gain for those who need it

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course As your organs work well, your body will be relieved from all its burdens and waste products it accumulated beforehand.

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course Your skin becomes smooth and you become younger!!!

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course After a while you can say goodbye to serious illnesses as well only by practicing Chi Kong daily!

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course You develop a completely positive attitude towards life and humanity, thus your relationships benefit hugely and you will find yourself having quality relationships.

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course You will feel good in your body, content with yourself and your life.

bullet 2 Chikong Online Video Course You will be full of creative energy, you will be able to manifest your dreams in life

icon tick Chikong Online Video Course YES, I want to:


be in control of my own health and well being and order

this Chi Kong  training for only $147!



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I’m sure you were looking for this session so here you are!

By buying this product : 

- You also get access to my monthly coaching webinars for 3 month for FREE! The value of this only is $37/month. Then you can decide if you want to continue your membership or not for $37/month.

-You get my e-mail address where you can send all your questions, experience and get answers the value of which is $27/month

- You also get access to an audio course that teaches you how to get a bug free mind and achieve your dreams in life - PRICELESS


But wait! I’m also backing my offer with an unbeatable guarantee:


Your purchase is protacted by my 100% Satisfaction guarantee or “it’s yourMoney Back Guarantee 150x150 Chikong Online Video Course money back”. All you have to do is to use this system for 30 days and keep a diary of it with the effects you noticed while/after the practice. If you  don’t  get results you just have to send an e-mail to get all your money back with your diary attached.

Remember: you must take action in order to see results! Just downloading the course into a file won’t bring you any results!


Don’t think. Don’t wonder. Just try. Your purchase is fully protected by my 100% iron-clad guarantee for the next 30 days after you make your payment via our secure server. You have a full month to check out my course to see if this is for you or not. I am very confident you will like what you see, and be excited of the results you can get.You have nothing to lose and much to gain!

That’s right. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and that shows how serious I am about your own success. All it takes is one simple decision on your part. So act now, place your order online and see you at the top!

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